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 --- Read Before Posting an App (Requirements & Expectations) ---

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PostSubject: --- Read Before Posting an App (Requirements & Expectations) ---   Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:39 am

About Discoid

Discoid is an established Endgame linkshell on Bismarck server. Started on July 14, 2008 by a group of highly experienced players, many of whom have been playing FFXI together for years. Our events include everything the game has to offer, namely Abyssea, Walk of Echos, Limbus, Dynamis, Einherjar, Sea, Kirins, ZNM, SCNM, Ks99s, Grand Wyrms, ToAU HNM, and Zilart kings HNMs. Basically we do everything but Salvage (though the LS has several Salvage groups amongst each other). As of March 2009 the linkshell is under new leadership primarily myself Shinsei.

As leaders of a very successful linkshell, we do consider how an application looks when deciding whether or not someone will get a trial with our ls. Although FFXI is a game, and ultimately we play it to have fun, we also take it serious, and do not wish to do events with people that do not. Our first impression of you, if we do not know you, is your application for a trial and eventual membership into the linkshell. So please take the time and effort that will be asked of you as a member of this ls when making an application, because like they always say, "You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression."

Discoid Linkshell main events always aim to begin at 7PM EST, gathering 15mins prior. If this clashes with your schedule or you have any questions about the schedule, /tell or PM Sixo or Sorvelas. HNMs can be erratic, so being prepared to come to events outside of our main event schedule is important. If accepted, you are expected to be on pearl if you are online. Please keep in mind that we are a very busy Linkshell. If you think that you might want to apply to Discoid, take some time and think it through. We are looking for dedicated and flexible applicants. We don't want you wasting your time or our time.

Item Distribution and Payouts
Receiving Gears:
Items are distributed based primarily on attendance, main job is a secondary consideration. Our system is simple, everyone's attendance average over the period of two weeks will be posted each Monday as a % of main events they attended. HNMs etc outside of main event hours will usually be scored as extra credit, providing a small % boost to the people who attend, without penalizing those who cannot make it.

Gil from Payouts:
This is also based on your Two Week Attendance Average that gets posted every Monday every two weeks.

Discoid Truth:
In this LS, gearing our members is our 1st Priority. Once we are capped on XXX gear, we then start selling that said gear. A perfect Example for us is we became capped on Ace's Helm within the first three months of the LS, and since then we've been selling Ace's Helm to other players. Sandworm, Dark Ixion, King Vinegarroon(since we are capped on A.Helms) and Cerberus remain to be Money HNMs for Discoid currently.

Though we focus on gearing members 1st, Discoid has a large and numerous means of making gil in this LS. From being able to cap gears at an alarming rate in this LS, quite a number of items have been sold, including Hecatomb Cap Abj, Black Belt Items, Bahamut V2 Items,dynamis gear(items that 0 members in ls need) and many more outlets.

Purpose behind this gil making?:
Unlike most Linkshells in FFXI, we actually actively pay out every share to members of Discoid. We believe no one should ever be used for their hardwork. We all hear the stories "oh leader stole 200m from Bank etc" and we are against actions such as this, as to why we do payouts to members. However, a very small % of the gil made is banked which is put towards our Relic Sponsorship Program. You can see this Program being successful for yourself by visiting our Relic Thread on our website here at: - Weapons of Legend -

Just how much gil has the LS made collectively since the start of the Linkshell?:
These following figures are dated to the beginning of November 2009 and are only minimum estimated figure values.

Fafnir/Nidhogg: 110,000,000
King Behemoth: 60,000,000
Aspidochelone: 120,000,000
King Vinegarroon: 100,000,000
Dark Ixion: 772,650,000
Bahamut V2: 730,250,000
Cerberus: 190,550,000
Jailer of Love: 34,000,000 (only two Novio)

Total?: For you to find out ;p

Keep in mind, the majority of this is paid out to members.

Discoid's Requirements

We are ONLY looking for extremely skilled, people that are versatile job wise, experienced & exceptionally geared players. We encourage our applicants to be very diverse as far as jobs are concerned.

Reminder to Apps: Not because you have any of these jobs at 75 means you must get into Discoid. We reserve the right to deny any application that we feel does not live up to our expectations based on numerous factors. Having these jobs listed will only better your chances, but does not guarantee you a pearl

Jobs Seeking: WHM, RDM, BRD, COR, BLM, very well geared & merited DD(sam, war, drk)

- Having RNG leveled, geared and merited is a plus)

- If you're applying as PLD as one of your most used jobs, it MUST be very well geared & merited.
- If you're applying as a DD it MUST be very well geared and fully merited.
- If you're applying as BLM. Several Gear sets are expected. Genie and/or Morrigan's robe is expected as your nuking body piece.
- Keep in Mind, we are looking for people with Diverse jobs
- Applicants must be very well geared AND merited
- Very Skilled & Knowledgeable about the jobs you play.

1. Atleast two Lv75 jobs of different class types. Three different class types is highly recommended to better your chances.
(examples:SAM+ WHM, PLD + BLM, PLD + SAM + BRD).

2. Full access to all areas of Sea, Sky, and ToAU, WoTG expansions. Einherjar, Dynamis - Xarcabard, Bahamut V2 access is a must.

3. All appropriate subjobs levelled, BRD must have BLM sub, RDM must have DRK sub, PLD must have NIN sub, etc
4. People who play a great amount of time, willing to camp HNM's whenever.

5. Must be very well merited and equipped properly.

(Examples: If you are a BLM, several sets are expected, examples are: HMP, Enfeeb, EleSkill for resistant HNMs, standard nuking gear, etc. If you are a samurai, a proper 6hit build and WS set is expected. Such as for DRK, a standard TP/Haste Build, proper weaponskill builds, Zerg gear is expected. Case in point, no matter what jobs you are applying as, we expect you to have proper gear sets for each.

6. Must be flexible job wise ( No complaints about which job you are playing )

7. Must have a large amount of HNM Experience.

8. Very well knowledgeable about the job you play, navigating to different camps and the likes.

9. Must attend events when you are online.

1. Having a Relic Weapon is always a plus (unless it's staff lol)
2. Good amount of Allied Notes for warps to WOTG HNM's
3. Alt. Character(s) is a Plus
4. Access to Ventrillo.

You may want to reconsider your application if you are unable to consistently attend both Einherjar, as these are the events we mandate. We do not expect anyone to always make every event, and some leniency can be shown as such naturally.

If you are online and present, you are expected to drop anything you are doing(ex: exping and Tiamat/Khimaira pops) and rush to any HNM in that case that has popped.

Discoid's General Schedule:

Sunday - Limbus 6PM Einherjar After
Monday - Abyssea 7PM
Tuesday - VNM/Sea/Kirins/KS99/BahamutV2/ZNM/WoE/Misc. stuff Etc.
Wednesday - Limbus 7PM Einherjar After
Thursday - Dynamis 7PM
Friday - VNM/Sea/Kirins/KS99/BahamutV2/ZNM/Misc. stuff Etc. 7PM

All of these times are on EST/EDT. This can be altered anytime due to an HNM. We try to gather 15mins before start time to organize PT's/Allies.

Trial Period
HNMs and events that you attend, your performance, willingness to follow orders without complaint, attitude towards other linkshell members will determine the length of your trialing process. Besting these qualities will further increase your chances of getting in.
Simply put, the more events and HNMs you attend, while meeting our standards of performance, shorter the trial period, which has a maximum length of one (1) month. If your trial extends to a month duration, we will then now have to decide whether or not you will be declined or accepted.

NEW! - Relic Sponsorship Program - Relic Count: 9
This was a brand new feature to Discoid and I'm proud to say it's been greatly rewarding so far. I would estimate our sponsor power to be about roughly a bit over a month per relic. The longer task seems to be just getting the said attestation to drop for the most part lol. Got our first two sponsored relics within the ls and more are on the way.

You can always view our relic database here.

- Weapons of Legend -

Some of Discoid's Achivements since the start of the Linkshell

General LS Achievement - And when we say stuff like "6 manned XXX" I really do 6 manned, no bullshit.

  • Defeated Odin on numerous attempts with just one single alliance.

Einherjar (Tier 2 & 3):
  • Successfully completed Einherjar Tier 2 and 3 with only 6 Melee DD and 3-4 BLM on numerous attempts.

Lambtom Worm:
  • 7 manned Lambtom Worm in 36mins.

Dark Ixion:
  • 7 manned Dark Ixion: 52 minutes
  • 19 Minute Dark Ixion kill: 16 members

  • 17minute Cerberus Kill: 14 members
  • 5 manned Cerberus: 42minute kill
  • 2minute 34seconds kill
  • 11 minute kill, 11 members

  • 7 manned Khimaira: 54 minute

Dynamis Lord:
  • 7 melee DD's (only 2 DRKs)

  • 27 minute Tiamat kill: 17 members
  • 9 manned Tiamat: 93 minute

Omega + Nidhogg:
  • 9 manned Omega while dealing with Nidhogg Camp

Vanadiel HNMs:
  • Claimed every single HNM straight that were open camped by Endgame LSes within a 2 day period minus Cerberus while still doing regular scheduled events(Limbus/Einherjar) .
  • Namely, Sandwormx2, Fafnirx2, BeheCampx3, Nidhogg, Tiamat, KVx2, Khimaira. Over 14 consecutive claims in a row in Dragon's Aery.

Discoid continues to strive for excellence, professionalism, embracing new challenges everyday, remaining one of the most dominant forces on Bismarck. If this is the kind of linkshell you have always been searching for please feel free to check us out and see what we have to offer. If you are interested in applying to our linkshell, again, please direct all your questions or apps via PM's and/or tells to any of our leaders, namely Sixo or Sorvelas.


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--- Read Before Posting an App (Requirements & Expectations) ---
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